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You have received a link to this page so you can hear the entire album in high quality audio format. Also included are the liner notes and album credits.

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I hope you enjoy.

01 Leytonstone – A.Michael

02 Por Favor – C.Kickbush

03 Here and Now – A.Michael

04 Evening Haze – P.Derricott

05 Country And – M.McMahon

06 Spicy Beans – A.Michael

07 Communion – A.Michael

08 Por Favor (Alt Take)

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Album liner notes written by James Ryan.

Aaron Michael is one of a kind: musically and as a person.

I have known Aaron since 1995 when I started teaching him and have followed his musical journey with great interest. Over the past 17 years he has developed into one of Australia’s most talented saxophonists. Being first call in nearly every genre of music that requires serious high calibre saxophone playing, be it touring Australia with The Brand New Heavies, performing big band jazz with The Dan Barnett Big Band or all original jazz with Sonic Mayhem Orchestra, playing multiple wind instruments in music theatre productions at The Sydney Opera House or as featured soloist with pop bands. Aaron has a deep musical knowledge and natural ability that can be used to fit any setting.

When Aaron finally decided to put his own band together and record an album I knew it would be something different, something special. This is not only revealed by his choice of music but also by the musicians he invited to help express his vision. Choosing some of Sydney’s finest was not unusual; his combination of musicians from quite different parts of the jazz community was. Whereas others might put together a band of musicians who regularly perform together and already have a rapport, Aaron followed his own original concept to create something fresh. The unique gathering of Matt McMahon, Paul Derricott, Duncan Brown, Dieter Kleemann and Aaron has created an individual sound.

I believe good music should speak for itself. This beautifully performed and recorded album does this, taking the listener on a journey through many landscapes and discoveries that could only be Aaron Michael.

James Ryan

Album credits:

Aaron Michael – Tenor & Soprano Saxophone

Dieter Kleemann – Guitar

Matt McMahon – Piano and Keyboards

Duncan Brown – Bass

Paul Derricott – Drums

Produced by Ben Hauptmann

Recorded and mixed at Free Energy Device Studios by Richard Belkner

8-9 July and 7-8 August

Mastered by Oscar Gaona

Cover photography by Aaron Blakey

Cover design by Daryl Irvine

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